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September 1, 2019


Good day!

I'm qqllpower,my friends call me Jasmine,

I work as saleswoman,the 1st time to write blog here,I am shy ,I didn't chat with people in the past,

The main reason is I am so busy for working,studying,learn cooking,dancing,do housework,etc

Life has many  priorities,I can not chat with people everyday.

Now I feel so ashamed that I always remember I should come here to practise English,but I always give up logging here,so i am so sorry for if there are some friends added me to be friend but didn't get my aporoval in time .

Now I find a good way to express what I want to say here,this can also practise my english i think.

actually i have lots of things to do now.

A businessman in Indian asked me for help,he wanted me to find some Air purifier supplier in China,I just gave him one supplier ,it's not enough for him to compare and evaluate.

In addition,my mum's birthday will coming.

I need go shopping to buy some foods,

my mum don't allow me to buy clothes for her because she doesn't like the style I selected in the past,

so she definate me "lack good eyesight"

"waste money"LOL

Finally I want to say i think too much about my job

everyday i need find some intetesting&attractive plush toys and plush slippers/bags/blankets ,etc.

to our company Alibaba store,

but my eyesight is so bad(:

what i selected is common plush toy,I can not get some client's Inquiries.

but one of mycolleagues has good eyesight,when she put one product to company store,customer like and then send the Inquiry to her.

I imagine :

when I find a plush toy with creative design in some websites,

then i launch this product to our store,the quantity at least:5000pcs

if client send me inquiry and finally decide choose us to customize the goods for him,

then I will be more busy at that time but everyday counts.

To be honest,i didn't sleep well last night,because there is a US client wants to buy christmas deer slippers,at that time its so late in china time,but i have to check the price,communicate with client ,

create order after client confirmed price.

this morning the client already paid to us.

tommorrow when i come to office i will arrange the delivery issue.

I am so tired now.

I have to sleep for a while 

keep some energy for tonight working.

I am so sorry i wrote poor English,much appreciated if you can correct me .

Thanks for your time to read,

Take care of yourselves well.

Bye for now.

06:59 PM Oct 13 2019


Coach24Super Member!

Do you live in Shanghai?

06:58 PM Oct 13 2019


Coach24Super Member!

Do you live in Shanghai?